What This GE Exec Is Hiring For In 2017 (And Why)

Today’s GE is a different place from the GE you may have known 10 or even five years ago. I’ve just helped open a new site in Cincinnati that houses our Global Operations Center for the U.S. and Canada. More than just another location for a global tech company, it reflects what we’re working hardest […]

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 might not have a headphone jack

I’m not excited about a new phone announcment from Samsung or how they hook up the headphones. Just tell me if it has a battery and if I’m ever going to be safe with your products again. You were probably hoping the whole no headphone jack thing was just a 2016 fad, right? Sorry, but […]

Genderless Nipples exposes Instagram’s double standard on nudity

My first impression was to skip this and not raise questions about why I posted, and not have to think about it.  However, I think that the point. Maybe not seeing it as a double standard IS a double standard. From TheVerge: A new Instagram account is using closeup images of nipples to test the […]

How Domino’s Pizza Reinvented Itself

I spent the last 18 months researching and writing a book on how organizations and leaders can do extraordinary things, even if they operate in pretty ordinary fields. You don’t have to be a programmer in Silicon Valley or a gene splicer in biotech to unleash exciting innovations and create huge value. Instead, you can […]

Liftware’s Level electronic utensil helps people with Huntington’s feed themselves

Liftware, a company known for its Steady electronic spoon designed to help individuals suffering from hand tremors or Parkinson’s disease eat, is back with its second product, the Level. Like the Steady, the Level is an electronic eating utensil, and is the first product released by Liftware since its acquisition by Google and integration into […]

Amazon Go is grocery store with no checkout line

See how Amazon packages ship with less than 60 in human hands Amazon has gone after bookstores, retail chains and electronics shops. Now it’s taking on grocery stores, with a twist.   Amazon (AMZN, Tech30) unveiled in a video a new physical store on Monday that sells a mix of “grocery essentials” and ready-made meals. But […]

Vancouver Tax on Foreign Homebuyers Raises Costs for One Couple by Almost $113,000 Overnight

When the Canadian province of British Columbia imposed a 15% tax on foreign home buyers in Vancouver this summer, Frank Daams and Sabine Bosklopper faced an unenviable choice. The American couple could walk away from a deposit worth the equivalent of roughly $38,000 on the Vancouver home they were planning to buy and risk being […]

deadmau5 to Instruct Private Music Production Lessons With MasterClass: Exclusive

What makes deadmau5 so great? Is he born with some kind of gift? Is he inherently greater than the millions of sound geeks that walk the Earth? Not at all, and he’d probably be the first to tell you. deadmau5 has risen to great heights simply because he is relentless, dedicated, and refuses to settle […]