Airbus Plans to Make Autonomous, Flying Cars a Reality by 2017

Project Vahana UPDATE: The project is moving along but we aren’t getting updates here at Ochen. Here is best place to read Project Vahana News We live in a time where Level 5 autonomous cars are close to becoming a reality, and more than one company is working towards bringing humans to Mars. Consider all […]

Starbucks must ease mobile order pileup to get customers in line

Starbucks’ coffee shops are suffering from a feared consequence of the mobile revolution: the digital world can dump an avalanche of orders in a short period of time, creating delays and lines that scare away customers. Starbucks Corp is an early adopter of mobile order and payment technology that the U.S. restaurant industry hopes will […]

11 Resources to Own Influencer Marketing Like a Boss – Traackr

There’s no point in doing influencer marketing unless you do it right. And that’s easier said than done. As influencer marketing reaches mass popularity, the need to execute is met with more chaos than shopping during Black Friday. Marketers need help in filtering the noise to pinpoint what’s real and what’s a hoax. That’s why […]

Analysts project seven-figure growth for in-building wireless market – RCR Wireless News

Enterprise demand represents huge opportunity for in-building wireless solution providers Right up there with electricity and water, in-building wireless connectivity is now expected, leading to its common description as the fourth utility. As carriers scale back investment on connecting anything but marquee venues like sports stadiums, enterprises of all sizes and focuses are realizing the […]

Find My AirPods: Apple Now Helps You Locate Your Little Lost Earphone

Apple’s AirPods free you from the tyranny and tangle of corded headphones. They also trap you in a constant fear that you’ll lose them and have to pony up $69 to replace one. On Tuesday, however, Apple announced a feature that uses the earphones’ wireless technology to track their whereabouts when you inevitably misplace the […]