World’s First Photonic Neural Network Uses Light for Superfast Computing

Researchers in the field of neural networks have taken the realm of advanced computing another step further. It appears that scientists are now able to unveil the first photonic neural network capable of using light to conduct superfast computing.   Neural networks herald the modern age of computing. Researchers are now using them to create […]

Feed your entire neighborhood with this new garden idea from Ikea

Why it matters to you As urban gardening becomes more and more important, projects like the Growroom from Ikea’s Space10 will become increasingly salient. Come for a salad, stay for the opportunity to provide meals for others. That appears to be the new mantra from Ikea and Space10, described as “a future-living lab on a […]

David Attenborough will narrate a new series of Blue Planet this year

Following the success of Planet Earth II, the BBC has announced its latest nature-doc extravaganza: a sequel to the award-winning series The Blue Planet. As the name suggests, the show will focus on the variety of wildlife found in the Earth’s seas and oceans. Blue Planet II will air in the UK later this year (hitting […]

This Google AI experiment is fun to play

No matter how bad you draw, you’ll like this game that shows how Google AI learns.  Watch this video to learn in a minute, then play it yourself Can a neural network learn to recognize doodles? Help teach it by adding your drawings to the world’s largest doodle data set, which could be shared publicly to help with machine learning research in […]

The Mainstream Media Is Rigged #MSM

Shelly Palmer has the best explanation I’ve read about rigged media.  I only disagree slightly on one point. The publishers and editor DO want to benefit. They also want to see more people benefit by getting the attention and distribution a piece of news needs. Far from altruistic, they know that doing good is good […]