7 Tips on Finding the Best Freelance Writer for Your Blog | Writtent Blog

By Jasmine Henry

You’ve decided to make the leap, and use a freelance writer for your marketing copywriting.

Great, everyone’s doing it. But how do you avoid getting burned badly? Your marketing is too important to spend money on a writer that doesn’t deliver. There’s a number of criteria that separate good writers from great candidates for your content marketing team. In fact, even if you’re picking among pre-screened writers, you should dig a little deeper. Here are 7 seriously important factors to consider:

There’s freelance writers out there with backgrounds in academic or creative writing. While these authors are sure to have a sound grasp of grammar and spelling, they may not know everything it takes to create online content. The best bloggers do more than just pound out 600 topical words. They consider user experience, formatting, SEO, and much more. At a minimum, ensure your writers have web experience.

If you manage to hire the perfect subject matter expert, you’re lucky. However, as HubSpot’s Corey Eridon highlights, even experts still need to perform some research to check facts. The best freelance writers have an intense natural curiosity and well-honed research skills.

Verifiable industry expertise is always a sign that someone could be the right fit. However, a portfolio of well-researched content isn’t just a positive sign. It’s a necessary one.

All writers need some direction. This can range from an extensive training to basic directions for each blog post, depending on your needs. For the simple reason of communication, you should consider scheduling. A writer in your own time zone isn’t crucial, but it’s certainly helpful for communication, or requesting a quick turn-around on content.

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If a writer’s portfolio is flawless, but their messages are riddled with errors, that is a huge red flag. If your writer takes days to respond to a simple question, that’s another red flag. At the end of the day, freelance writers are professionals, and most of them behave accordingly.

Did I mention that your freelance writer needs more skills than just writing? This is crucial. The kinds of writers who will drive results have some background – from formal education to work experience – in business and marketing. They draw from this to help you meet your strategy and goals. Marketing writers aren’t creatives who can spin words in an ivory tower!

What is the going rate for freelance writers?

Well, that depends. The typical range for content authored by a native speaker is usually between 3-10 cents per word. You could pay more if you’re hiring a very experienced freelance writer. As editor Meghan Ward reports, rates can cost up to $75 per hour, especially for highly specialized content services like long-form editing.


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