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Co-founder of community platform @flutter & CMO of @tracky. Nature girl and whole food maker.

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This is quite clever!

A social media plan is so important in order to create KPIs and gauge your results over time. 

Very cool idea. I can see this in LA but not so confident about the Midwest. However, California has a large enough population base to warrant a viable market alone.

I do this before every meeting. Kind of easy, actually.

That's my kind of air travel!

The healthy eater's goal to feed your cells gets further validation from science.

I vote for Smunday Funday!

Language translation = cool. But eavesdrop mode?

Sharing is caring. Nicely said, Jeanette!

This is better than listening to the whole interview - thanks for transcribing and making this available!

Jexet. Brexit. Sounds like a great escape.

Haha. Thank you for the unexpected smile today.

Talk about an adrenaline rush.

I'm even more impressed now by hummingbirds!

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