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The best reason to take Bitcoin is the added transactions and profits that come from allowing people to buy how they want. Holding the currency may be a good investment though the value for a retailer is not dependant on this strategy.

you are right. Domain names and URLs are less important now that mobile devices and browsers better link without showing the URL. Search engines don't use words and phrase as a primary factor and type in traffic is less with mobile.

That's true, though I hold that while blockchain can open up better ways of doing business, it's not insurance if a company is "shifting" rather than innovating :)

Until today, I had thought of single-pay as a system where government limited my choices. You've given us another way to view this.

Most of the population lives in a city somewhere. :)

I'll question the word "impossible" but totally agree with the sentiment. Apparantly, MB has that foresight. :)

Interesting idea about mitigating bird deaths. Something I meant to infer in the post was how there is responsible actions to take. Some squawk about "evil corporations killing birds" but I see it as neglect at worst. A healthy regard of environmental impact is good for the bottom line

I won't disagree. Not when talking to the kind of person who gets enraged over a popsicle. Wouldn't want to escalate the violence. #peace

short sight ramblings of a troll. The future will give us a lot more choices but I'm certain Facebook will be viable to reaching my goals for some time.

The best SEO has always been quality content. And who better get that content from than the people who are already leading their industry? The links and layout of the web are still important for the algorithms, but nothing compared to the value of real people!

I don't see what God has to do with this. Ego is a healthy thing in anyone. We can't survive without ego. Letting go of ego is risky, but well worth it to get things done.

I think that finding smart people to hang around is great. I've learned from comments on shares in social media that it's easy to read too much into this. More important. Find the smartness in the people you work with. It's there. :)

assuming that it's a demographic difference is old fashioned. Today, we're all using online tools more

Plus, you can pack more in a suitcase

The cap is designed to avoice confusion

I'm not following you. People love minions, no?

It's good they are on our side

Like everything, there is politics involved. If we look past that rhetoric, the science is clear. Self driving will be the norm soon.

That's an felinious comment. LOL

Seems we are just getting started

There are some places where other natural energy in more abundant. When I met with the inventor, his original intention was a device that could be place in a river, tied off and left for a while. Battery charged for use at night. The unit he showed me was as durable as a flashlight. I could hook up to a solar panel, but more compact if it just used kinetic energy. I've not had a chance to see the device used in current tests.

On would assume there's some battery to allow for shaded areas

I don't think we'll see an end to progress any time soon

There automation saw the person and made the call. I doubt that it was distracted. More testing and improvement will give it twice the experience in a year and grow exponentially. Plus add the data from all vehicles on top of that. The hive is going to be driving a lot better in a couple of years.

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