Google Launches AutoDraw To Bring Out The Artist In You

I’m hopeless for drawing. I don’t think this will help me. Should be good for people who I ask to help me. Unfortunately, not everyone is good at making art, but Google has something for those who aren’t. On Wednesday, the search giant launched a new web-based drawing tool dubbed AutoDraw that uses both machine […]

Kindness really does pay back – big time! Get inspired!

Helping others in little ways as a daily routine can have a massive impact over time. Both for others and yourself. Consider for a moment a simple way that you can show kindness to another today. You won’t regret it! Now that is an #ochen way to live. This article originally appeared at:

Tiny child mistakes broken water heater for a robot

Humans are suckers when it comes to anthropomorphizing and, subsequently, caring for robots. Some of us want to love robots so badly that we wind up shedding tears over a hunk of metal that went hurtling through space millions of miles away. But love is messy and blind, and so often we look past a […]

What’d you do this Sun? Not much. Then there’s this guy…

Experience one of the best days of Marshall Miller’s life as he wingsuits from the top of the Aiguille du Midi in the French Alps. Here is is again in a more recent video diving through skyscrapers! And then again, in Europe! This article originally appeared at: