Deepak Chopra Explains How Healthy Workers Are More Profitable Employees

Deepak Chopra, who is recognised as the world’s leading authority on leadership and mindfulness in business, told the Pendulum Summit at The Convention Centre Dublin that the importance of mental well-being in the workplace cannot be overstated.

Chopra was one of a host of inspirational business leaders who addressed the gathering of top executives.

Among others to speak were American business thought leader Keith Ferrazzi; personal development expert Jack Black; professional adventurer, author and entrepreneur Debra Searle; group CEO of Greencore Group Patrick Coveney; and food ambassador Darina Allen.

“I find Irish people particularly responsive to the holistic understanding of well-being,” said Chopra.

“This is an opportunity at this moment to take a little time for reflection, to ask yourself who am I, what do I want and what’s my higher purpose.

“And if you have integrity, authenticity, if you have a higher calling and take responsibility for your future, you have infinite potential.”

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