One of the most frustrating things about traveling is the packing! The task of packing a suitcase so it can hold everything you want to take on vacation can be daunting.

We want to pack smart but we still want to take a variety of clothes so we have a choice of what to wear during our vacation. We never know ahead of time exactly what we will feel like wearing on a particular day or evening and what the weather will actually be like.  We often find ourselves realizing that we are missing just the item we feel like wearing or is appropriate for the occasion.

“At FoldiMate we listen to our customers.  They want to use FoldiMate to pack their suitcases before a trip, so we decided to take that idea one step further to simplify their lives” Debbie Cohen-Abravanel, FoldiMate’s CMO explained. 

“We already know how to fold laundry, so why not create a robotic suitcase that can fold and compress our clothes as well as reduce the size of the suitcase. If we can reduce the size of the suitcase to that of a carry-on it would mean spending less time waiting at the baggage pick-up and more vacation time.”

The new FoldiBaggage will enable travelers to literally throw their items into an extra-large sized suitcase (30″). When the suitcase is closed everything inside will fold beautifully in a few seconds. A light will indicate when the process is complete and the traveler will then click another button to compress the clothes and reduce the size of the suitcase to that of an official carry-on size for all the airlines including low cost carriers. You and your partner will now travel comfortably with one small carry-on instead of two regular sized suitcases.  One small carry-on fits all!

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