Google’s AI software is learning to make AI software

Progress in artificial intelligence causes some people to worry that software will take jobs such as driving trucks away from humans. Now leading researchers are finding that they can make software that can learn to do one of the trickiest parts of their own jobs—the task of designing machine-learning software. In one experiment, researchers at […]

Machine Learning Is Revolutionizing Every Industry

Machine learning is being applied in recommendation engines, marketing automation, financial fraud detection, language translation, and text-to-speech applications.  Apple recently announced that the iPhone 7 would use machine learning in its camera to recognize faces, imagery, and even the lighting in a room, making Apple the latest tech company to give primacy to its use […]

The Simple Economics of Machine Intelligence

The year 1995 was heralded as the beginning of the “New Economy.” Digital communication was set to upend markets and change everything. But economists by and large didn’t buy into the hype. It wasn’t that we didn’t recognize that something changed. It was that we recognized that the old economics lens remained useful for looking […]