The Pivot: 4 Million People Glad Bullas Went Back to Tech

Four years after its launch, Jeff Bullas’ social media and content marketing blog is now read by more than 4 million people annually from over 190 countries. In an interview at Content Marketing World Sydney, The Pivot host Todd Wheatland talks with Jeff about how he became a top influencer in social media and what drives him to take his business to the next level.

After his stint as a high school teacher, Jeff moved into the tech industry, starting in sales and marketing during the mid ’80s. When the internet took off in the ’90s, Jeff moved into consulting as well. Then he left technology for retail – the worst decision he ever made, he says. But that retail sidetrack made him realize his love of the digital space and he turned his attention back to the web.

Jeff is intrigued by what he refers to as the art and the science of content marketing. The art is the creation – headline, structure, word usage, and writing rhythm. The science is the distribution and promotion – optimizing for search, understanding available tools, and deducing which social media platforms work best to reach an audience.

He believes that today’s marketing professionals need to embrace both the art and science to be successful in their craft. They don’t necessarily need to be proficient in both areas, but must understand how art and science work together to create strong overall content.

… I’m intrigued by both the art and the science of crafting content because it’s not only the content creation, it’s the optimizing of the search engines, and the marketing and promotion of that content, and getting it to flow across the web. That all intrigues me. It’s a blend of art and science, and I’m continuing to learn because I am still very curious.


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