The Single-Payer System is coming and you are going to

We need to figure out how to have your practice work as a business at a sustainable level and stay patient-centric.

For the population, everyone will have coverage. It will be accessible and affordable. The politics will be overwhelming.

A deeper view of the dynamics.

HealthCare coverage will probably be much easier to access than ACA and overall Premiums will improve. It will make the Democrats look like they are doing something great. It will make the Republicans look like they are doing something great. Here is the deeper surprise! The coverage will get narrowed significantly to make it affordable. Things that we are used to seeing covered will not be covered, especially in the areas of treatment. Prevention will still be the biggest focus and this is where Physicians and Practices will need to be good at balancing the fundamentals of the economics in running a business and delivery of Patient Outcomes through impactful HealthCare.

Whichever party is in control at that time, you can expect a resetting of reimbursement levels.

Many people have suggested that this will boil down to balancing the HealthCare Budget versus the Military Budget. That won't do it. According to published Government reports, the 2016-17 US HealthCare spend is $3.2 Trillion (yes Trillion). Military is heading to $824.7 Billion (with a B). HealthCare cost is expected to grow at 5.4% per year, each year through 2025. So you can expect it to double by then. (Phew)

What you can do about it varies by Market and demographics. Answer the following core questions and some pathways should become more obvious.

A. What is our supportable marketplace for our desired Patient profiles?

B. What do we do to serve those Patients, better than anyone?

C. What can we do for our desired Patients that adds so much value, we can mitigate the question of "who pays for it" as an obstacle?

D. How can we use Technology to improve Patient and Experience and Outcomes while decreasing resource drains on the Practice?

This will get you going and will open the door to additional high-quality questions and plans.

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