The World's First Backpack For Music Lovers

Baserock is a technology that allows you to physically feel music by vibrating bass frequencies throughout your body. It is a completely new and immersive way to experience the music you love.



Baserock is built on a community of music lovers, 6,000+ people strong. This incredible community comes together to discuss music, meet up at events, share their favorite tracks, and more. But they also have been the driving force behind the development of Baserock. Every critical design decision at Baserock was voted on, discussed, and decided by this community.

Baserock has an integrated microphone input, so you can take it to a live show and it will listen to the same music you are listening to. It is the most immersive way to experience a live show. Period.


Not going to a live show, but still want to have the most immersive music experience possible? No worries, you can plug in any device and a pair of headphones to take it on the go. Baserock is quiet, so the person next to you won’t be able to hear the massive bass experience you will be feeling. Auxiliary cord included!


Want the Baserock experience, but can’t have headphones in? If you are with friends or want to be playing the music out loud, simply plug in your favorite portable speaker instead of headphones. Now everyone can hear what you are feeling.


No matter where you take your music, Baserock can go with you. The possibilities are endless. Take your music with you, and let your music take you away.



The Baserock community has spent countless hours ideating, discussing, and creating a multi-use hydration backpack designed for all of your craziest adventures. We have worked with top backpack designers that have worked at North Face, Eagle Creek, and more. Within Baserock is a hydration system, comfortable straps, ample storage, and a sleek trendy design. Baserock is your perfect everyday music companion.




Baserock has a hydration system that includes:  

  • 2-L capacity reservoir BPA free system 
  • Sturdy and leak-proof construction 
  • Leak-proof screw on cap with a handle 
  • Quick disconnect valve between tube and reservoir for easy cleaning 
  • Shut off valve at nozzle to avoid leaks

If you don’t need hydration on any given day, no worries! You can easily take the reservoir out for more space.  

Baserock has been designed with backpacking quality straps to make sure it is comfortable and easy to wear throughout the whole day. The pack, hydration reservoir (unfilled), and electronics are only 4 lbs 1 oz, but we know you are going to want to fill it up with all of the necessities you need to get you through the day. We made sure that you would have no problem carrying it around!

The shoulder straps are thickly padded for comfort, yet use a breathable mesh and foam.

The hip belt distributes weight evenly across your hips making it effortless to carry throughout the day. It also holds Baserock tight to your back, optimizing the feeling you get from the vibrations. The hip belt is padded and has zipper pockets for easy access to your smaller essentials.

The sternum strap offers more support and stability. Clip it across your chest to balance the weight of the backpack and get a better experience from the Baserock vibrations.

Once you have loaded Baserock up with all of your essentials for the day, tighten these compression straps to compress the overall size of Baserock. It will also hold all of your belongings securely in the pack so they aren’t bouncing around when you are dancing!

Baserock has 16 liters of storage space, the ideal amount for a day trip. The pack has multiple pockets that offer versatility to help you organize and store your essentials.


Baserock has been designed with water resistant fabric to protect the electronics. The exterior fabric will wick the water away, and the interior fabric is PU coated to prevent water from seeping from compartment to compartment. So if you get caught in a light rain, are splashed by some water, or have a water bottle leak inside the pack, your electronics should be safe.


This is our favorite feature of the backpack! The back panel is EVA molded foam, designed to transfer the bass throughout your body. It is properly padded to make sure the bass slaps and you can feel it everywhere. Also, everyone will be asking about your backpack!


 Technical Specifications


Baserock utilizes dual tactile transducers to create the vibrations that will take your music experience to the next level. These transducers are powered by a 2600 mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery. The system is controlled by proprietary electronics that optimize the physical experience.


The electronics are separated into two different enclosures. The larger enclosure (what we call the insert), contains the bulk of the electronics, including the battery, transducers, and main circuit board. This sits in a special pocket in the backpack and imparts the vibrations into your body. The insert is connected to the smaller enclosure, which is your controller.

This controller sits in a special pocket on the shoulder strap for easy access. Here, you turn Baserock on and off, control the intensity, plug in your auxiliary cord and headphones, as well as charge. You are able to control all of Baserock from here, so there is no hassle trying to get deep into your backpack.

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