Twitter Video Player Player Coming Soon

Coming soon. The Twitter video player

You can go to the Twitter video player site right now. You just won’t see anything.

Back in November, Twitter set out its ambitions for what it wanted out of a new video service — beyond that of what users can already do with Twitter’s Vine app, or by watching videos embedded by way of Twitter’s card feature.

“Aside from just watching video more easily on Twitter, you should be able to record, edit and share your own videos natively on Twitter too,” wrote Kevin Weil, VP of product. “Alongside short looping Vine videos, we think you’ll have fun sharing what’s happening in your world through native video.”

While the Twitter Video Player may be used by advertisers or other commercial partners, for example, Twitter will not allow third parties to sell access to the Video Player, or to embed other advertisements, sponsorships, or promotions on it.

Users will have some control over how the video is presented to users in timelines by way of a customised thumbnail. And it looks like while the time limit is 10 minutes, Twitter is hoping for those to be a quality 10 minutes.

In answer to whether there is a video size limit, Twitter writes, “At this time we do not have a file size limit when uploading. As such, we are encouraging partners to use the highest resolution source video, to create the most optimal user experience. However, keep in mind that the larger the source file, the longer it will take to upload and process.” It encourages users to make the source video bitrate as high as possible, “at least 5000k bits, and the audio bitrate should be 128k. Frames per second should be preserved as per the original source material.”


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