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Imagine playing a strategic game with your cattle, aiming your “gun” loaded with little colored balls at each animal in your herd and watching the encapsulated liquid splatter harmlessly on their hides. You have to hit each one once, and only once.

Now imagine that it wasn’t just a game, but you were treating your cattle with insecticide at the same time. And better yet, doing it with No Confining. No Handling. No Stress.

That’s the reality behind VetGuns, which let you aim, shoot, and treat:

The VetGun Insecticide Delivery System allows you to distribute insecticide-filled gel capsules to your entire herd of cattle, controlling horn flies and lice quickly and effectively, and can be applied easily from a safe distance of 15 to 30 feet away.

Starter VetGun KitStarter VetGun Kit

The VetGun is powered by CO2, is easy to operate, accurate, and reliable. The unique AiM-L VetCaps burst upon contact, just like paintballs, to deliver the insecticide.

Using a VetGun saves time and puts you in control of when and where your cattle are treated. You can do it while the animals are feeding or milling around, and there is no added stress or labor.

Instead of the extensive process required for pour-on treatments, one person can apply the insecticide from horseback, pickup, ATV, or on foot. This is one fly-management technique “so easy, even the cows approve.”

Get your Starter VetGun Kit or Producer VetGun Kit at Jeffers Livestock.



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