Vladimir Putin Is Getting Interested in Bitcoin’s Biggest Rival

Ethereum, the world’s largest cryptocurrency after bitcoin, has caught the attention of Vladimir Putin as a potential tool to help Russia diversify its economy beyond oil and gas. Putin met Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum last week and supported his plans to build contacts with local partners […]

Can China and the Internet Save American Small Business?

Business and nature will seek equilibrium. When China grows, they get rich and consumers want to buy more.  Why not sell them something? Can China and the Internet Save American Small Business? The giant e-commerce platform Alibaba and its charismatic founder, Jack Ma, have a plan to add a million U.S. jobs by enticing American […]

Scientists Modify Viruses with CRISPR to Kill Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

Earlier this month, the annual CRISPR 2017 conference was held at Montana State University. Attendees were the first to hear about successes companies have had using CRISPR to engineer viruses to kill bacteria. One of the most exciting potential application for these viruses, called bacteriophages, would be killing bacteria that have become resistant to antibiotics. […]

China Becomes First Country in the World to Test a National Cryptocurrency

In Brief China’s central bank has developed its own cryptocurrency, which is now being tested. Cryptocurrencies have the potential to not only benefit China, but the rest of the world, due to their basis in blockchain. China’s central bank-the People’s Bank of China-has developeda prototype of a cryptocurrency that it could end up in circulation […]

Tesla said to be in talks to create its own streaming music service

Tesla might be a music service operator soon, in addition to a maker of electric cars and solar energy products. That’s according to a new report from Recode, which says that Tesla has been talking to music labels to make this happen. The planned offering could start with a free, Pandora-like streaming radio option, which […]

Watch out bullies. The Girl Scouts are coming for you online.

The chance of kids battling crime online seems remote but it seems a good idea to handle fears with eduction Girl Scouts Can Soon Earn Cybersecurity Badges Because Girls Want to Hack Stuff, Not Get Bullied Online Girl Scouts can start earning cybersecurity badges next year, thanks to an effort by the Girl Scouts of […]