Adopt These Sure Shot Digital Marketing Tactics to Flourish During COVID

Digital Marketing Tactics to Adopt to Reinvigorate Business Growth Due To COVID-19 Challenges

By: Michael Krieger; President, Prime Marketing Experts

Given current business challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it will be safe to bet that the impact will be felt for some time. It will be safe to bet that there will be a slow recovery from this major crisis.

It’s a huge problem, and to survive this significant change, many business owners have already changed their way of doing business to mitigate further losses, and in some cases, grow their businesses during a time of adversity.

However, many businesses have been in denial, and have failed to adjust their marketing strategies. Not a smart decision, I must say! 

Amidst this chaos, businesses should start adopting new digital marketing tactics to make through this tough time. 

Henceforth, here are five digital marketing tactics to make your business thrive amidst Covid-19 challenges:

  1. Connect with Your Audience to Improve your Brand Image

No one should face this hard time alone. During a time of crisis, people need someone who they can trust. As a marketer, you must know that respect and trust must be built through your marketing to help your sales team become more successful.  

You can really make a good reputation for your brand in the market by showing your customers that you care. Therefore, if you want to deliver the right brand image, follow these points: 

  • Show that you care for your audience 
  • Update the tone of your voice 
  • Continue to make regular posts to your blog that educates your audience alig
  • Stay active on social media and connected with your customers
  1. Improve Your Search Engine Presence 

The current situation has promoted people to spend more time in their houses, and while they are doing so, they are spending more time on the internet. Therefore, search engine traffic has also escalated as we are all glued to our phone. 

So, this is the perfect opportunity to pivot your business online. Along with this, implement strong SEO strategies to take advantage of the most affordable cost of new customer acquisition. 

SEO strategies can help make individual products and brands more visible within ecommerce businesses. Online shopping has spiked as it has become a safer alternative to shopping at bricks and mortar stores. 

  1. Provide Special Offers To Your Customers 

This truly is an uncertain time. What will make your customers happy and want to shop more from your online store? 

Yes, you guessed it right! SPECIAL OFFERS!

You can offer your customers special discounts and offers to keep the revenue flowing. Study and analyze your market and create a specially customized offer for your audience. Consider integrating a special offer into advertising campaigns, especially since some past customers may not be able return due to their financial concerns. You could even offer a discount in exchange for customers providing their email addresses so that you can then remarket to them.

  1. Email Marketing 

If you’re short on cash and cannot afford PPC advertising, you should consider email marketing as it the most economical method to remarket to past customers. 

You can use your emails for a variety of purposes, some of which are:

  • Upselling
  • Show your customers some empathy in the hard times
  • Communicating special offers
  • Show that you care by sharing some safety tips 

When email marketing, it is important to pay attention to match the design of your email to your brand and feelings you want your target audience to experience. Maximize the results by using a high-quality platform and structure an engaging subject line to maximize the open rate. Consider hiring a digital marketing agency like Prime Marketing Experts to help you deliver effective and result-driven email campaigns. 

Working Hard to Grow a Business

Stay put and work harder to achieve our goals despite hard times to set your business up to rebound stronger than where it was. No one knows what is going to take place next, but this shall pass! 

Position your business for the best success by paying close attention to your digital marketing strategies. We hope you can glean some insights from the above marketing tips. Don’t forget to implement these tips to see your revenue getting stable and leads getting stronger.

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