Adopt These Sure Shot Digital Marketing Tactics to Flourish During COVID

Digital Marketing Tactics to Adopt to Reinvigorate Business Growth Due To COVID-19 Challenges By: Michael Krieger; President, Prime Marketing Experts Given current business challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it will be safe to bet that the impact will be felt for some time. It will be safe to bet that there will be a […]

Beauti-Tone is painting outside the lines.

You are reading a story from Strategy Ad Tech, a weekly look at the strategies, partners and processes that are helping brands drive innovation and utilize new technology, both internally and with consumers. Have the stories delivered directly to your inbox every Thursday by subscribing to the newsletter. Beauti-Tone is painting outside the lines. The […]

Bullet’s captioned snippets make podcasts a lot more shareable

When I listen to a podcast, I usually find an idea or two that I would like to share with a friend, my social media audience, or just keep track of for later action. Trouble is, a whole episode is tough to share. Most of us don’t have much time to listen on the fly.  […]

Solar activity forecast for the next decade: weakest of last 200 years

Scientists predict that activity in the next solar cycle will be the weakest in the last 200 years. The number of sunspots in the Sun’s next 11-year cycle, starting in 2020, could be 30% to 50% lower than in its current cycle. Sunspots are regions on the Sun with magnetic fields thousands of times stronger […]

Doubting the Carbon-Capitalism Equation

It has become fashionable on social media and in certain publications to argue that capitalism is killing the planet. Even renowned investor Jeremy Grantham, hardly a radical, made that assertion last year. The basic idea is that the profit motive drives the private sector to spew carbon into the air with reckless abandon. Though many […]

Australia is planting a billion trees to fight climate change

The Australian government is gearing up to plant a billion new trees, as part of a vast campaign aimed to meet the climate targets set by the Paris Agreement. The government estimates that the project, which will run until 2050, will eventually remove 18 million tons of greenhouse gases per years — an intriguing example […]