First Tesla Model 3: 1st Regular Customer Delivery and Detailed Walkthrough

Woohoo! Model 3 was delivered yesterday morning! Tesla let us know that we had the honor of being the very first regular customers to take delivery. Folks on Reddit asked for a video, so here it is! With Model 3, Tesla has made a masterpiece. The Model 3 is the car that just put every […]

Not so awesome: the FCC just killed net neutrality

Even with 14.5 million legitimate comments against the potential new net neutrality rules, the Federal Communications Commission approved to repeal their only two-year-old rules that prevented internet providers from blocking and throttling traffic and offering what is referred to as paid “fast lanes.”  The new rules largely don’t prevent internet providers from doing anything. They […]

IBM just announced a 50-qubit quantum computer

By Dom Galeon  In Brief Earlier today, IBM announced a 50-quantum bit (qubit) quantum computer, the largest in the industry so far. As revolutionary as this development is, IBM’s 50-qubit machine is still far from a universal quantum computer. Setting New Heights At the IEEE Industry Summit on the Future of Computing in Washington D.C. […]

Meet the Top 10 Startups Racing to Remake the Auto Industry

If you worked for a startup in the 1990s, chances were you were figuring out how to make money on the brand spankin’ new World Wide Web. Leap forward 10 years, and the typical startup was all about apps on your smartphone, to do everything from touching up selfies, to booking flights, to getting your laundry […]

Researchers have linked a human brain to the Internet for the first time ever

A team of researchers at Wits University in Johannesburg, South Africa have made a major breakthrough in the field of biomedical engineering. According to a release published on Medical Express, for the first time ever, researchers have devised a way of connecting the human brain to the internet in real time. It’s been dubbed the […]