Let’s Honor the Best Cheesecake Moment in TV History

Today is National Cheesecake Day. But why do you care? You might care because you are super into holidays and will celebrate national anything day as long as it means you get to take a longer-than-usual lunch. You might care because cheesecake is one of your life’s greatest passions. Or you might care because you […]

Match & Teach Me: Blockchain, Psychometrics To Help Teach Refugees

Using #Blockchain to assimulate refugees into a host country.  Long-term vision for this project: a) Integration of the refugees/immigrants to the culture of the country of their interest through the proper education. b) Means to reduce the unemployment of European residents, since they will act as educators and get paid for that. c) Adoption of […]

How solar energy can be transformed into fuel

: A new study look into the quest for sustainable fuel, and how solar energy can be transformed into exactly this. The new procedure uses the sun’s thermal energy to convert carbon dioxide and water directly into synthetic fuel. “This allows solar energy to be stored in the form of chemical bonds,” explains Ivo Alxneit, […]

World renowned sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik commemorates World Tiger Day – Times of India

NEW DELHI: World renowned sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik on Friday carved a larger-than-life tiger at Puri beach in Odisha to commemorate World Tiger Day. The award-winning artist took to Twitter to inspire his followers, saying India’s national animal was a symbol of its natural wealth. “Tigers are symbols of India’s wildlife wealth. Let’s protect the national animal,” tweeted […]

Bio-Concrete Heals Itself [video]

All concrete cracks over time. The cracks themselves are not so bad in most cases. But water seaps in and can freeze and melt, causing further damage. Bio-concrete injects spores that can live for centuries… coming alive only when in contact with water. The bacteria grows until the water is gone and the crack filled.

Jenna Marbles delivered the supreme 100 layers of makeup video

Jenna Marbles delivered the supreme 100 layers of makeup video “I’m not sure if [my face] could ever feel clean again.” Videos of millennial makeup aficionados putting on 100 layers of things like foundation and Kylie lip kits have been catching the viral wave lately, so we should have been prepared for YouTuber Jenna Marbles‘ […]

What Amazon’s homepage looked like when it launched 21 years ago this month

Long before it became the world’s go-to, online source for virtually anything, Amazon.com was strictly a bookseller. And before the arrival of its slick, obsessively considered menus, navigation bars, and search algorithms, the $250 billion operation’s homepage was much more basic. A screen capture from a month after its July 1995 launch is a relic […]

This Baby Imitating Rocky Balboa – The Next American Ninja Warrior?

Talk about being the next American Ninja Warrior in the making!! This kid’s timing is even perfectly synced to the the movie! There is something going on in that brain of his. Some kinetic understanding of his future talent I think! So cool to see this at such a young age. He must really like […]

Your Phone Is Poised to Get 10 Times Faster as FCC Approves 5G

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler took a seat, grasped a set of controls, and guided an excavator — that happened to be 1,400 miles away. By moving dirt in Dallas through a remote hook-up from the FCC’s Washington offices earlier this year, Wheeler showed the promise of what could be the largest and most […]