Within 4 feet, this rocket is doing 130 MPH – watch in slow mo

Gav and Dan send some rockets up into the Indiana sky with the help of Purdue students who built this rocket to simulate the real thing. Super shoutout to Matthew Bolliger for nailing that wide phantom shot! This article originally appeared at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myinpF0Nl30.

Bitcoin Scams Spread On Social Media

Bitcoin is the future of money, or maybe just a clever hedge against devaluation for rich people, depending on how you much kool-aid you’re drinking. But one thing’s for sure: it won’t change human nature, and that means as soon as people start talking about money, scammers are bound to show up. In fact the […]

Instagram to Let Users Book With Businesses in Challenge to Yelp

Instagram, the photo-sharing application owned by Facebook Inc., will soon let people book appointments with businesses, part of an effort to expand the app’s consumer uses. People will be able to set up a haircut, for example, by going to a salon’s Instagram profile and clicking on a button to schedule it. The move could […]