How Travel Can Increase Productivity and Creativity

Apparently, travel isn’t just about long days, fish tacos, killer tans and no alarm clocks. For 94% of business leaders and entrepreneurs, travel is the deterrent from burnout and poor mental health. Even further, travel has now been proven to improve creativity and productivity.  Benefits such as improved communication skills, insights when you travel with […]

What Goop and Infowars have in common: America’s favorite wellness products

When it comes to wellness products, the “two Americas” that we’ve been hearing about tend to unite. It’s the power of natural products that we become harmoniously energized effusive over. Things like nascent iodine (for thyroid), cordyceps mushrooms (for overall vitality), ashwagandha (for managing stress and fatigue) and other such life-enhancing natural products are used […]

Now Read This: Google To Stop Reading Your Emails In Order to Serve Up Gmail Ads

Google is stopping one of the most controversial advertising formats: ads inside Gmail that scan users’ email contents. The decision didn’t come from Google’s ad team, but from its cloud unit, which is angling to sign up more corporate customers. To better serve enterprise users, Alphabet Inc.‘s Google Cloud software suite saw a bevy of […]

The iPhone turns 10. What will the iPhone be like in 10 more years?

It’s 2027, and you’re walking down the street, confident you’ll arrive at your destination even though you don’t know where it is. You may not even remember why your device is telling you to go there. There’s a voice in your ear giving you turn-by-turn directions and, in between, prepping you for this meeting. Oh, […]

New”superglue’ could seal the deal for stretchable batteries, soft robots

Superglue is great for fixing busted bookshelves, suitcase wheels, and – of course – shoes. But what if you want to fuse something a little more jiggly, like the gel cushions used to pad crumbling spinal discs? You’d be out of luck, until now. That’s because scientists have created a new kind of glue that […]