Nothing Says ‘Hip’ Like Ancient Wheat

i An illustration shows spikes of different types of wheat: (1) Polish wheat (2) Club wheat (3) Common bread wheat (4) Poulard wheat (5) Durum wheat (6) Spelt (7) Emmer (8) Einkorn. The Library of Congress/Flickr The Commons hide caption Forget bold stripes and mule flats — could the next big fad be super-old wheat? Consumer […]

Autistic children can “see” emotions with Google Glass app

Stanford University researchers are testing software that is meant to help autistic children with social cues. The Google Glass software reads the emotions on people’s faces, then tells the user what those emotions are. Early research is yielding positive results.  This article originally appeared at:

So Let’s Watch Cats Getting Brain Freeze

When diving into delectable frozen treats, it’s easy to get carried away, eat too quickly, and then feel the inevitable sharp pain in your head. This sensation is called “sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia,” more commonly known as “brain freeze.” Humans are not alone in experiencing this phenomenon. Our feline companions can also get the dreaded “ice cream […]

Lamborghini hits 240.64 mph in half mile to set new world record

If you ever wanted to know what 2,300 horsepower packed into a modern car can do, then take a gander at this video filmed at the Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack in Colorado Springs, Colorado over the weekend. It features madman Gidi Chamdi setting a new world record for a standing half mile behind the wheel […]

Formula E to hold Las Vegas virtual race

LONDON: Formula E, the world’s first fully electric car racing series, is planning a virtual race in Las Vegas next January with a likely US$1 million jackpot for the winner. Series chief executive Alejandro Agag told Reuters on Tuesday that the event, pitting regular race drivers against a handful of fans on simulators, could even […]

Self-driving minibus to hit the streets in Las Vegas

By Daniel Rothberg, Las Vegas Sun:  Later this year, Arizona-based Local Motors expects to deploy an autonomous minibus in Las Vegas through a partnership with the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, state officials announced today. Local Motors, a startup known for manufacturing 3D-printed vehicles, plans to demonstrate the safety and reliability of the new […]

KLA Laboratories opening new Las Vegas office

By ROCIO HERNANDEZLAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL KLA Laboratories opening new Las Vegas office By ROCIO HERNANDEZ LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL KLA Laboratories, an information technology firm based in Michigan, is expanding west by establishing a new office in Las Vegas. KLA Laboratories offers services such as video and sound system installation, event production and internet technology solutions. […]