Solar activity forecast for the next decade: weakest of last 200 years

Scientists predict that activity in the next solar cycle will be the weakest in the last 200 years. The number of sunspots in the Sun’s next 11-year cycle, starting in 2020, could be 30% to 50% lower than in its current cycle. Sunspots are regions on the Sun with magnetic fields thousands of times stronger […]

Transparent solar panels can replace glass and produce our electricity

I’ve been sharing the above photo from the University of Michigan for over 4 years.  Dozens have people have said that it’s impossible and tried to explain efficiency. What they don’t know is that solar costs have fallen over 90% in the past decade and are much more efficient.  And sure enough, the panels are […]

Cyborg bacteria covered in solar panels can beat plants at photosynthesis

Photosynthesis, or the way plants turn carbon dioxide into oxygen, is crucial for life on Earth — but it’s not a very efficient process. Scientists at a UC Berkeley lab taught bacteria how to cover their own bodies with nanocrystals, which function as tiny solar panels that capture more energy than plants can. The bacteria […]

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid announces so-called world’s largest solar project

Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid has hailed the launch of the world’s largest concentrated solar power (CSP) plant, with the announcement of the winning contract for the much anticipated fourth phase of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Complex. The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) said it had awarded the tender for the […]

NASA Has a $3.46 Billion Plan to Ensure the Yellowstone Supervolcano Doesn’t Erupt

In Brief NASA has detailed a plan to prevent the Yellowstone supervolcano from ever erupting. By drilling into the volcano and pumping water into and out of it at high speeds, they believe they could cool the volcano and use the emerging hot water to generate electricity. From Threat to Ally When people think of […]

How do people search for climate change info?

Every day, there are 3 billion+ searches on Google. See how these searches reflect the way the world thinks about climate change. This Google Experiment shows the searches by topic and geographical location. Graphical display based on Google Trends data in real time. A World of Change: Climate change through the lens of Google search […]

Pandora’s Promise

This documentary film is about nuclear energy and other energy sources. Its central argument is that nuclear power, which still faces historical opposition from environmentalists, is a relatively safe and clean energy source which can help mitigate the serious problem of anthropogenic global warming.The film emphasize that more deaths is caused by coal powered power […]