Adopt These Sure Shot Digital Marketing Tactics to Flourish During COVID

Digital Marketing Tactics to Adopt to Reinvigorate Business Growth Due To COVID-19 Challenges By: Michael Krieger; President, Prime Marketing Experts Given current business challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it will be safe to bet that the impact will be felt for some time. It will be safe to bet that there will be a […]

About Ochen

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Match & Teach Me: Blockchain, Psychometrics To Help Teach Refugees

Using #Blockchain to assimulate refugees into a host country.  Long-term vision for this project: a) Integration of the refugees/immigrants to the culture of the country of their interest through the proper education. b) Means to reduce the unemployment of European residents, since they will act as educators and get paid for that. c) Adoption of […]

Inventor of Bitcoin reveals himself…and some people believe him

Australian Craig Wright claims to be Bitcoin creator      “If I sign myself Jean-Paul Sartre it is not the same thing as if I sign myself Jean-Paul Sartre, Nobel Prizewinner” -Jean-Paul Sartre, 1964   I remember reading that quote many years ago, and I have carried it with me uncomfortably ever since. However, after […]