Dyson launches $500 air purifier that lets you monitor domestic pollutants from a smartphone

Dyson shot to fame for its bagless vacuum cleaners more than two decades ago, and in the intervening years the U.K. company has launched everything from hand-dryers and heaters to washing machines and air multipliers. Exactly a year ago today, Dyson launched its first ever air purifier — the device launched only in China at […]

More Young People Watch DJ Khaled’s Snapchat than America’s Highest-Rated Show #ochen

I’m in awe right now. In a recent article on the power of Snapchat, Bloomberg revealed that DJ Khaled, one of Snapchat’s heaviest hitters, has a bigger millennial audience than The Big Bang Theory, TV’s #1 show. “The other day the grass was brown, its green cuz i ain’t give up. Never surrender.” “Khaled’s videos […]

How a simple SIM card makes farmers more efficient—and possibly saves lives

How a simple SIM card makes farmers more efficient—and possibly saves lives India’s GreenSIM initiative exposes rural farmers to tech and essential real-time info.  by  Julianne Tveten  Farmers harvest peanuts in the village of Addakal, India. ICRISAT A handful of years ago, Chandrakala Kongala, a farmer in the rural village of Kommireddipalli in the southern […]

Netflix opens its Recommended TV program globally and raises the bar for inclusion

Netflix has announced today that its Recommended TV program will be launching globally this year, as the video-streaming giant also lifts the lid on new criteria for inclusion and announces the first TV manufacturers to gain the coveted Netflix logo for 2016. First announced last January before launching a few months later, the “Netflix Recommended […]

Report: The FAA is Way Overstating the Risk Drones Pose to Airliners

The FAA is Way Overstating the Risk Drones Pose to Airliners   In December, the Federal Aviation Administration issued a strict set of guidelines for small drones operating in U.S. airspace including a requirement that hobbyists register their drones with the government.  Any drone weighing more than 250 grams—or roughly half a pound—must be piloted […]

You can be Aquaman. World’s First Mass Market Artificial Gills

I’ve often thought about swimming pool meditation under water… Surface floating is good, but sometime I just want to noise and not dry off.  Now I can sit at the bottom of the pool, and plan my next great adventure… Exploring the world below the sea Welcome to the future of underwater breathing Triton. A […]

​MasterCard to leverage IBM Watson to give Small Businesses Big Data Analytics

Small business has much more data than they realize. Aggregators like MasterCard make it easier to use transaction data with IBM Watson MasterCard has partnered with IBM to give small to medium merchants access to big data analytics. The payments giant has integrated IBM Watson Analytics into its platform, along with its own anonymised transaction data gathered through […]

One Wall Street Firm Says Amazon Is About to ‘Feast’ on the Food and Beverage Market

More and more people are comfortable ordering groceries online or on a phone.  Amazon bet big from the start on the world moving to ecommerce and ease of deliverablity.. back when most of us thought they were a bookstore. Today that is paying off. Photographer: Lydia Mulvany/Bloomberg   One Wall Street Firm Says Amazon Is […]

A U.N. Agency’s Radical Experiment In Addressing The Refugee Crisis

Brian Reich gets it. As we described in Billions Rising, people in bad situations are good people looking for a hand up rather than a hand out.  Most of us want to offer the hand up, but we get solicited by the middlemen NGO who miss the point. We all commit more and do more […]

Google’s AI Takes Historic Match Against Go Champ With Third Straight Win

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — Google’s artificially intelligent Go-playing computer system has claimed victory in its historic match with Korean grandmaster Lee Sedol after winning a third straight game in this best-of-five series. This Google creation is known as AlphaGo, and with its three-games-to-none triumph, the machine has earned Google a million dollars in prize money, […]