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I was proud to be asked by my friend Mike Alton to participate in this roundup os business experts.

Here's the intro: The full article is at http://www.sitesell.com/blog/2017/03/online-business-common-success-threads.html

The vast majority of solopreneurs fail to build a profitable online business. Sad, but true.

According to Netcraft, the authority in this field, there are 173 million active sites today. You can see that the number has been flat for years, indicating churn. Most of these are “fails” being replaced by new players. Hopefully, some are folks trying again a second or third time (the first is often the learning curve)…

We combine the above data with an interesting finding…

Our Alexa study shows that the vast majority of sites “live” in the “long tail” of sites that receive virtually no traffic. Sadly, the percentage of solopreneur sites in the long tail rises as the Alexa score does.

So… a small percent of solopreneur sites are in the Top Million. But the percent rises fast until almost all in the top 5 Million are solopreneur sites (beyond which there are 168 million more sites)!

And remember — these are the “active” sites (i.e., still online). Ten times as many have been shut down. The big picture bottom line is dismal indeed.

Does that mean not to even bother trying? Nope! Just try the right way! Following that advice alone will give you a huge leg up on those who believe the Super Bowl ads that a “stunning website” is the same as having an online business that spews cash.

“Try the right way?” Hmmm! 🤔 That tip is as helpful as advising you to run faster than everyone else to win the next Olympic gold medal in the 100 meter dash!

You’d want to know how! Well, good news…

You’ve come to the right place. We asked 95 of the finest minds in the “solopreneur business space.” We had two goals for this roundup of these sharpest of the sharp…

  1. Let the “Wisdom of Crowds” phenomenon bubble the most important answers to the top. This approach finds the most important points with uncanny accuracy.
  2. Let you pick each expert’s mind. Each has his/her own unique take on the question that we posed.

If you’re in a hurry, studying the lessons from the first approach gives you the common threads of the collective wisdom of 95 experts. Mastering those few critical elements puts you ahead of most solopreneurs who pick a domain name and get started.

Is that enough if you combine it with “preparation, hard work, and learning from failure” as Colin Powell says? Probably not, but it’s sure going to…

  1. put you in the 90-95 percentile
  2. position you for the final assault into the Top 1% (i.e., an Alexa count of better than 1.7M)

And that is a darn good start. More importantly…

Mastering this “ultimate wisdom,” we promise, is going to eliminate failure before you even start. “Predestined failure” is the saddest part about those who start with hope and faith, but little knowledge beyond what they find in heavy advertising.

It may be sad, but it is what it is. Not enough people take it seriously enough, not nearly as seriously as offline. Why would that be?

The reason is simple. There’s little financial risk online. You don’t sign a $2,000 per month lease. There’s no one to hire. You already have all the “equipment” you need, a computer and Internet access. Costs are pretty darn low.

So most would-be solopreneurs have the following in mind when they start…

“All I can lose is some time.”

Our view, though, is that your time is more precious than money. You can replace lost money, but lost time is gone forever.

Raise your online business IQ to maximize your odds of success. And that brings us to the second approach to the answers…

Each and every expert provides individual answers. You may know some names quite well. Start there. But read them all — new ideas may come from those with whom you are not familiar.

This survey has (accidentally, we admit it) become one of the most valuable e-books on online business success at any price. And it’s free.

Read it all.

Some answers recur, of course. But they’ll be stated in each author’s unique way, adding depth. And then there are the less common, even unique, answers. These are bound to stimulate you…

At least one or two will give you a great idea for your business if you are just starting out. Or, if you are struggling with a 5-year-old business, you may discover the solution to a problem.

So get the PDF version of this post. Set aside a few hours (tops!) for an evening or weekend afternoon session (see the instructions below for how to get this in eBook format). We promise that you’ll want to thank us later!

Oh, Hold On. You’re Missing Something!

As mentioned, we gathered 95 experts for their carefully considered thoughts to the first question that just about any solopreneur would want to ask of these folks. In other words — if you managed to trap one in an elevator, it’s what you’d ask.

You’d have to be mighty lucky to trap 95 like that! And what a mix of experts it is… entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, marketers, speakers, consultants… even a dance instructor!

All have lent their advice so that we can piece together the most valuable info you may ever acquire about online business.

But what the heck was the question?

OK, enough teasing. 😃 The envelope, please ✉..

< drum roll 🥁>

Here’s the question…

Q: What are the three most important best practices that a solopreneur must do well in order to succeed online? Add more if you feel that 3 is too limiting.

No multiple-choice question here. We wanted to pull pearls of wisdom out of their brains, make them put those thoughts into their own words. Here’s who “they” are…

Don’t have time to read them all now?

#DOWNLOAD Let’s Begin!

We can bow out from this introduction now and turn the floor over to “The 95.” Are you nice and comfy, beverage in hand? Or perhaps you’d rather skip to the “Wisdom of Crowds” common threads?

Or read the real article at: http://www.sitesell.com/blog/2017/03/online-business-common-success-threads.html

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