A Story about making millions from nothing

Guest post by copywriter extrodinare Tom Bell 

Amazing story of rags to riches and rages to riches again and the one thing that allowed him to do it.

Adaptive Funnel Blueprint

It's the "secret sauce" that took me from soaked, broke & pissed off to making 60 million selling Ebooks online! To explain, here's a little story..
It didn't matter a damn bit how much hoping I did, not even a little..

I looked up, and as much as I tried to “wish it away”, that rain was going to come.

And come it did..

121 toy helicopters were pretty much ruined. Their drenched cardboard packaging meant that I’d have a hell of a time trying to sell them.

So I decided not to even try.

It was that day in 1996 that I made a decision that changed my life forever.

Not In The "Nice, I got a 10% Raise, now I can eat out once a week" way, But In The 'No Mr President, I Cant Make It To Dinner Next Month" way..


Before you ask, It was Bush Jr..

What came next paved the way for me to make over 150 million dollars online, a full 60 of those Millions coming from a SINGLE little piece of marketing technology.

That process went on to become a staple of the communications strategy of almost EVERY billion dollar corporation, and thanks to the passage of time, and a unique series of events,

I am in a position to put it into YOUR hands now. (Without paying a single dime for expensive software, hosting, or even programming)

To help explain exactly what this “secret weapon” is, let's get back to that rainy day in 1996...

Here’s what happened...
I had been selling my toy helicopters at fairs and festivals all across the country. Putting on a pretty good show and making more money than most of the other vendors..

I had money in my pocket, food on the table, and things were going ok.
I wasn't desperate, I wasn't hungry, and nothing was on fire. 

What I also wasn't, was going anywhere I wanted to go with my life.

I had the same old bus I drove around in with my toys, went to the same old places, and did the same old things.

I had an absolute LOCK on the mediocre life I had built.

But that day in Shipshewana Indiana, standing there in the rain, something happened. The type of thing that just might happen for you today..

I made a decision that the mediocre life I was living just wasn't good enough. Doing “Just Ok” simply wasn't going to cut it..

Not even close..

I told my neighbors there at the rained out flea market “That’s it, I’m done. I’ll NEVER spend another day living like this, I’m going to start me an internet company and strike it rich.

I packed up my things and left, feeling like a guy that just jumped out of a plane with a couple bedsheets, hoping to build a parachute on the way down..

Here’s the punchline though..

I found that parachute by COMPLETE accident.


I’ll tell you about that in a second, but I want to keep this about you, because it’s important that the message comes through loud and clear.

“You can struggle, And get knocked down 9 times out of 10, but as long as you Keep Getting Up and TRY something NEW, sooner or later, You’ll win.

I soon learned over the weeks and months after that day in 1996 that trying new things until something works is called “split testing”, but that's a conversation for later..

The real trick to breaking the odds and actually making money at this marketing stuff, is you gotta DECIDE that you’re going to actually put yourself in the game and TRY stuff.

Ok, back to 1996.

After making my grand statement that I was “Never selling at markets again” and I was “going to go build an internet company” One critical problem became clear..
I didn't know how to “surf” the internet, I didn't even own a computer!

After I went out and spent WAY more than I could afford on a 286 PC with a whopping 256k of ram, I got myself AOL and looked for something familiar. I said to myself “The real world has LOTS of flea markets, There must be a flea market here in the online world”...

Of course, 2 minutes later, I found Ebay..

Long story short, I did some searching and sorting, and poking around, and the 4th most lucky thing that has happened to me EVER happened..

I found myself a product, and through blind luck, wrote an “auction page” (AKA sales letter”) to sell it with.

Better yet, because I had no idea how impossible it was, I sold a LOT of these things.
(For the record, the item was a little 70 cent “cell phone antenna booster” remember those?)

When I say a lot, I mean a BOATLOAD.
Over $600,000 In Just 4 Months!


Anyhow, what happened next is kind of the reason we are here, and I PROMISE there is a point to all this, and I also promise it will be WELL worth your time.

With all those Ebay buyers, I had this notion that selling MORE stuff to them might be valuable, so I found this brand new company back in 96, called Clickbank.

I didn't know it at the time, but it turns out that pointing hundreds of thousands of “buyer emails” at affiliate offers was a pretty good idea, back then people could send traffic to ANYTHING and make money.
  • How to play the guitar in one day
  • Double the speed of your PC
  •  How to get a government grant
It was a real party, and the money was pretty damned good.

Until They took ALL my money and closed my account.

What happened that day is a story all by itself, and I’m DYING to get to the part where YOU get to make yourself a little good luck (well, a LOT actually.) Let’s just say I had a guy that thought all the sales I was sending him were “spam” because there were just TOO MANY of them..

Once I proved they weren't spam, he accused me an hour later of being a hacker too. (Idiot, this guy)..

The brass tacks of it was he pissed me off for being a moron, and he was selling an ebook about how to get government grants.

Along with reprint rights..

It was then that the 3rd best thing that ever happened to me took place..

I bought the ebook, opted for the reprint rights, spent 36 hours straight cleaning it up and fixing spelling errors etc.
And I began to sell my own grant guide as an ebook.
Here’s how all this ties back to you. The weeks after that Grant Guide went live, some TRULY neat things happened.

The damn thing sold like there was no tomorrow!

Within months, we were matching Matthew Lesko (remember him? The guy with the question marks on his suit?) And everyone said

“Be happy Tom, you got almost to the level of the top grant info seller on the planet” but there’s NO WAY you’ll ever beat him, not when it comes to Grants”

Selective Delusionality, remember that word, maybe even write it down. Hell of a tool you can use if you want to achieve the impossible.
I asked ‘how COULD we beat o'l question mark guy online?’...


After being told it was impossible by my high priced consultant, we developed the webs first landing page, and on this page we did 2 things that were pretty revolutionary at the time..
We asked the user their first name.
And we asked them WHY they wanted a grant.
Sales Exploded By 4 FOLD, And Profits Climbed Even Higher Than That!
Imagine the audacity to actually LISTEN to your user, and then RESPOND directly to their needs.

I'll bet the process reaching YOUR Goals would be SO much easier, more effective, and cost a LOT less money if more people thought the way you and I do. Right?...

My sincere wish is to help you do just that.

What just happened is ABSOLUTELY the reason we made all that money with government grant information products.

We asked the user for THEIR needs, then “Adapted” the messaging accordingly.

I’ll concede that the grant niche wasn't as big as some, but 60 Million bucks is nothing to sneeze at..

So one of the elephants in the room I want to talk with you about now is:
“This technology blasted YOUR business off back in the 90s, so why should I be excited about it today?”
“This technology blasted YOUR business off back in the 90s, so why should I be excited about it today?”

The answer would be to look at who’s excited by it now…

Pretty much EVERY Billion dollar corporation is using it to sell more pampers, push up bras, and even Presidents.

Google, Facebook, and every other media company is making OBSCENE profits feeding these companies more and more data so they can tailor their marketing to the user.
To be 100% Frank, I was an idiot.
I went on to make another Hundred Million selling other offers. Making it to the top of the charts in a few more industries without “Adaptive”..


Dumb luck, great connections, or just plain good copy.

Who knows what it was. Point is, I dropped the ball. I made a bunch of money as the “guru” and things were good.

Until they weren't…

A painful divorce, a crooked accountant, and a few other setbacks put me right where you are sitting right now friend.

Looking up, and doing my damnedest to get back to “the millions”..

I want you to take note of what just got said..
BACK To The Millions..
I know, the odds are, seeing a million would be a first for you, and that is EXACTLY my point.

When the smoke cleared, and I “got my juju back” the first question I asked myself is “what is my NEATEST trick?

What One Thing could I use to get past all these whipper snapper upstarts and regain that fine place in the sun..

With ZERO question in my mind, It is adaptive funnels, and I’ll tell you why.

Over the years, the DATA side of marketing has exploded. People LOVE doing quizzes, and talking about themselves online. It’s just human nature.

Data collection and the resale of it isn't just big business, It’s THE big business.
  • Google Facebook  
  •  Instagram  
  •  Pinterest  
  •  And all the others 
Here's the thing though…

95% of the time that data is being used to TARGET the user.

The brand of adaptive YOU are about to get, is for TAILORING to the users wants and needs!

Seriously, which would YOU prefer? A bullseye on your back, or buying an info product based on your ACTUAL goals?

Ok, we're in agreement, let’s move on.

“But Tom, if only Billion dollar companies are using it, I’ll bet it costs an arm and a leg”...


I am building whole adaptive letters right now without having spent even one dime on software, programmers, or custom website platforms.
Not a dime..
Shortly you’ll be able to watch a quick intro video and you’ll have an EXACT “step by step” blueprint for doing your first one.


I know there are people out there telling you that you can “press a magic button” and wake up in a private jet hung over from hanging with rockstars”
As in TODAY.

As a guy who has been fortunate enough to have done that exact thing to the tune of 150+ Million, I can report, the “magic button” Is mostly real 

(It’s the “send button” on your email list)

But there are a LOT of things you’ll need to get right prior to passing out on a Lear 60 over the Bahamas…

One of the things you’ll want to do is build landing pages that convert ad dollars or promotion effort into subscribers, and I’ve seen Adaptive DOUBLE conversion on landing pages more times than I can count..

The bottom line is, I WANT You to have this kind of power. I’ve seen too many people struggle to rise above the noise and earn good money, especially when the answer is so damned close at hand..

So here’s what you’ll get when you decide right, and go down this rabbit hole with me:

  • A QuickStart Video Laying Out The Exact Steps To Getting Up & Running In Just 45 Minutes. 
  •  A Complete List Of FREE Sites You Can Use To Get Your Adaptive Funnel Up & Earning. 
  •  My ‘Stash” Of Image Tools (Also Free) That Will Make Expensive Artists Strictly Optional.
I know you can see how this crazy notion of listening to your customers, and adapting your approach to serve them better really will cause more of them to give you more money, So the question becomes..

Why On Earth Would You NOT Do it?

If you’re too busy to try, or collecting courses in some twisted parade of pointless purchases, do us both a favor and pass this by.

Neither of us needs the grief.

You may already know my work, and the reality that I really have “been there and done that”, and have a genuine love of sharing it with others.

Well, that, or you can just see the good sense of what I am saying.

Perhaps it’s both. How am I to say.

I suppose now would be a good time to talk about the money. Relax, It’s not anywhere close to what it's worth to someone who will use it.

Someone like you that is..

Let's get one thing straight before we go on another second though..

The truth is, I won’t blabber on about how expensive it would be to do this without my help,

It just wouldn't be true.


Sure, AFTER you get your funnels up and making you money, spend money on professionals. Actually spend more than you think you should because they are SOO worth it at the right point in time.

The simple truth is, I built everything you see here in a day. All the images, the payment links, the whole shebang. And if you’ve EVER met me, you already know I am NOT the “techie type” Not even in the same ball park.

No, The real reason you’d be smart to work with me on this is the saving of time. I’m talking about the few weeks it would take you figuring out how to set up your adaptive funnel. (And it WILL take you weeks)

In a sec, I want you to put a dollar value on the 100 hours plus you’d spend on getting all this done.

Before that though,
I want to invite you to PLEASE put this adaptive stuff to work for your business (whether you decide to work with me or not) Because I really do want you to succeed.
We both know how bad failure sucks…

I have absolutely no idea what an hour of time is worth to you friend, but I’ll just ask this, when you see the price in just a sec, If 100 x your hourly rate is MORE than what I’m asking, Then You’ll go ahead and get it.


I think we can both agree by this point that it would be WORTH 2K, but what kind of new friend would I be if I came at you with retail on our first chat?

You’re the type to put in the time and get an understanding of the value when something captures your imagination and I appreciate your dedication to success for sticking around and hearing me out

So how about I do something extra special for you..

Grab Yourself A Copy Now &Get:
  • Your quick start guide so you can get up & running in less than an hour. 
  •  Your list Of FREE sites to get your first adaptive funnel making money. 
  •  Your ‘stash” of free image tools and editors so you can save BIG on art.
That's Right. All for just $7

Not $7 a month, or “6 easy payments of $7”

$7 total, and all this adaptive goodness is all yours.

I suppose it really does boil down to one simple thing. The question you need to be asking yourself as you stand here at the crossroads.

“What if I have to Compete with someone who has this, and I don't”?

Who needs all that fear and uncertainty, especially for 7 bucks..

Not you, is my guess.

Besides, anyone who’s ever done business with me will tell you, I’ve never argued over a refund request. If you’re not tickled pink with all your about to get. Just let me know and I'll send back every nickle. 

No hassle, No argument, No kidding..

You Just KNOW You Want This.. So do what you know to be right and follow through on this. It will feel good in the moment, and GREAT in the near future ll your funnels are doing.. ;-)

See you on the inside.
Tom Bell

DISCLAIMER: Although your purchase IS guaranteed and I will grant you a prompt refund if you are unhappy, I CAN'T guarantee you any kind of positive result whatsoever. For me to do so without knowing where you've been, what you've done, or your motivation level would be kind of silly.
Just sayin..


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