An odd marketing approach and my life changing experience

This is an odd story but I think you may appreciate it.

I have always considered myself a quick learner but in the 1980's I began looking for ways to keep up with the deluge of information coming at me.

No matter how hard I tried, I always had a stack of books to read and many distractions. I wanted to improve myself, and was looking for a way to get more accomplished. I knew that working harder wasn't the answer. There are only so many hours in the day :)

Today we need this more than ever.

I found some tapes that I started playing while doing other work. These were one of the best investments I ever made. Shortly after, I had started two businesses, become an early adopter of online marketing, and felt more relaxed about my life and my future.

Now it's even easier

The tapes wore out long ago and I tried a few other programs over the years. Nothing quite like those first programs until I met Dr. Steve Jones here in Las Vegas.

He has a catalog of programs for self-hypnosis ranging from $19.99 to $219 and I use several myself. He's got a program for whatever you are looking to improve on.

Here's the really odd part

Once in a while, Dr. Jones puts EVERYTHING on sale for one dollar. Usually over a holiday weekend and maybe a few days beyond.

A friend just sent a note that the sale is on for Memorial Day here in the US.

Take a minute a look at the crazy $1 Sale.

The products themselves kept up to date. Steve has spared no expense in getting you the best possible delivery.

I don't know how you feel about hypnosis and self-help but I imagine you will enjoy taking a look at this odd promotion.

At this price, why not try a couple for yourself?

If you know about the power of programs like this, you will want to stock up. These programs go back to regular prices next week.

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