DC security robot quits job by drowning itself in a fountain

I’m sorry to inform you that perhaps some robots are taking this whole “be more human” thing a bit too far. I’ve seen people make jokes about jumping into a river or out of a window when they feel distressed, but one DC-based security robot appears to have interpreted this on a literal level. Our […]

5 Avoidable Mistakes Many Entrepreneurs Make

Millions of people across the world dream of launching their own business. And every year, hundreds of thousands of these entrepreneurs do just that. In fact, more than 450,000 businesses are launched in the U.S. annually,¬†according to CNN. Many entrepreneurs start their own business because they want to be their own boss, build a legacy, […]

Staying Healthy and Hopeful During Drug Abuse Recovery

One of the hardest parts about drug addiction recovery is that the chance for relapse never really goes away. While your body can physically recover through detox and other treatment methods, the psychological aspects of addiction and your cravings can last for the rest of your life. The reality is that the majority of drug […]

On the internet, everyone knows you’re dead

Killing off a popular meme creates a new meme. I wonder if it will stay alive as long as the frog did. Pepe the Frog is officially dead Pepe the Frog’s battles are finally over. Cartoonist Matt Furie has officially killed off his most famous creation, which rose from internet meme to white supremacist mascot […]

NBCUniversal Makes Snap an Official Home for 2018 Winter Games Content

Oh, Snap! Advertisers will dole out Olympic-worthy geofilters and lenses with the official blessing of NBCUniversal and Snap, Inc. in the upcoming Winter 2018 Olympic games, hosted in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The deal will allow Snapchat to share clips of NBC’s Olympics content in a live story that will also feature user content. Also, Snapchat […]

These 17 Social Media Power Players Agree On 1 Thing (And It’s a Must-Have For Your Business)

Honored to be included with good friends and smart people in the INC article about must-have for businesses. Today and for the future These 17 Social Media Power Players Agree On 1 Thing (And It’s a Must-Have For Your Business) Our technology-driven world is evolving at an exponential pace. According to IBM, 90 percent of […]