Google’s AI Takes Historic Match Against Go Champ With Third Straight Win

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — Google’s artificially intelligent Go-playing computer system has claimed victory in its historic match with Korean grandmaster Lee Sedol after winning a third straight game in this best-of-five series. This Google creation is known as AlphaGo, and with its three-games-to-none triumph, the machine has earned Google a million dollars in prize money, […]

Forget self-driving cars, China’s Baidu says it will put self-driving buses on roads in 3 years

I’m preparing a list of the trends of 2016 that I’ll be looking for at #CES2016.  I found this one through the CES web page. Sharing it here, as I already know driver less cars is high on my list.  This announcement is one I’ve been expecting. I see jobs lost and pushback from drivers […]