How We Use Growth Hacking to Support the Guerrilla Marketing Movement

Jay Conrad Levinson was a creative genius working for a big Madison Avenue Advertising firm, creating ads that turned brands into iconic favorites.

Jay shared what he new about advertising with a class of Berkeley students and saw a problem. Students were asking what to do to promote a company that didn't have millions to invest in a media campaign.

Jay took this challenge and created a course to share the best marketing ideas that didn't require massive budgets.

These were the basis of his book in 1984, called Guerrilla Marketing.

That book became an international best seller and spawned a series which produced nearly 200 titles with 131 co-authors and contributors... some of the best minds in marketing and advertising.

Jay passed a few years back, but his spirit is alive in 1000's of marketing experts and the millions of business he helped to survive and thrive. Now Jay's widow, and a company called Guerrilla Marketing Global, hold a Summit for those who use Guerrilla Marketing and want to learn more, now in it's 3rd year.

At the Guerrilla Marketing Global Summit, we get together to share best practices, network, and share Guerrilla Marketing with a new generation of entrepreneurs and growth hacking marketers.

For 2017, there will be a special edition Guerrilla Marketing book by top Guerrilla's speaking at the conference and in true Guerrilla style, we're giving away a million copies to raise awareness of the importance of small businesses thriving in today's economy.

Free Book about Guerrilla Marketing

Want a copy of the book and new marketing ideas that cost little of nothing to implement and get big results?

You will want to is head over to the Guerrilla Marketing Thunderclap Page for details. Share this with your friends and watch for the a thunderous blast from hundreds of support to millions, coming on May 18th.

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