My office is in my pocket

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The other day I was working on a project, putting the pieces together on one of the largest deals I've done this year.

Emails from my partner, pieces of a contract stored in the cloud drive and two Skype conversations going on to get the details straight. Months of work were culminating in a presentation that needed to get to an Asian investor that evening.

Would you like that to go?

I had to pause and take in the scene. I was sitting on a couch in my local Costco, my belly full of demo samples and frozen yogurt (one of my favorite lunches).

What a wonderful world we live in.

There's plenty of things that we could be upset with on a given day. Problems that need solving. Discord and confusion and many suffering. We forget about the advances we've made that make everyday life better for us and brings hope to the Billions Rising.

I prefer to think of the advances we've seen in my lifetime... I started my career sitting at a desk, dialing 9 to get an outside line, talking receptionists into putting my call through to a buyer and hopefully get an appointment to drive out, sit in a waiting room, waiting for a chance to sit with another busy guy at a desk who would likely be interrupted by phone, intercom and knocks at the door.

Move out of the office to AnyWare

On the rare occasion that I find myself in a cubicle farm, I always asking "Why are all these people sitting here with a laptop and phone.. can't they do it at home?"

I hear many excuses about routing calls, scheduling and trust. That might have been true 25 years ago when I first started connecting people to home offices and portable setups. Back then, the overhead of moving equipment, installing special lines and arranging who was allowed to telecommute on what days.

But there is no excuse today. Using a solution like AnyWarefrom Frontier Business you can put everything you need on the phone (though you literally don't put anything on any device... it's all in the cloud).

Frontier announces AnyWare available nationwide

Frontier is making a big bet on cloud-based VoIP services, targeting its AnyWare service to the largely ignored small to medium business (SMB) space with a suite of what it calls solutions that fit specific market segment needs.

While Frontier’s AnyWare is applicable to any size business, SMBs are the initial focus. The service provider plans to extend the service to other segments later this year.

Ken Arndt, EVP of Commercial for Frontier, told FierceTelecom the AnyWare expansion is focused on serving small to medium-sized customers, which had been traditionally ignored by larger carriers.

“When we did research, some of the most underserved customer segments were the small business segments, and we thought those were the greatest opportunity for growth,” Arndt said. “We’re starting to put together suites of products, and Frontier AnyWare is the linchpin for that because it’s a unified communications platform that allows us to integrate with web-based services, mobile apps and other types of UC services.”

The service provider recently announced that its AnyWare platform is now available in all 50 states. Frontier’s AnyWare provides virtual communications in a cloud-based, VoIP solution for businesses.

Leveraging Mitel’s platform, AnyWare offers a converged voice and data communication solution. This solution ties in well with the trend that companies of all sizes are increasingly relying on cloud-based connectivity solutions for core business functions.

Frontier was also named Mitel’s Top U.S. Service Provider for 2016 in recognition of cloud growth.

“We’re their largest partner in the world by volume because we have grown that CPE business,” Arndt said. “We’re using their software as well to power the Frontier AnyWare cloud services, so it’s a continuation of a relationship that has benefited both parties very well.”

In addition to leveraging the Mitel CPE platforms and channel, the service provider has also expanded its partnership with Vivial, a marketing technology company that offers a full range of customer engagement tools, to resell its Marketing Platform in many of Frontier's markets throughout the country.

Partnering with Vivial means that Frontier can enable agents and value-added resellers (VARs) to sell to SMBs via Frontier.

“The idea is we offer third-party agents opportunities to sell into this customer segment where they really have not done a lot of business with Frontier in the past,” Arndt said.

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