New Drone Ambulance Concept - Response Time Matters

Still don't like annoying drones? Think they will only be used to mail packages from Amazon? As city congestion grows, life-saving solutions are necessary. Drones could be automated to fly to specific co-ordinates faster than any other emergency response solution. In some rural areas, people can be left waiting hours for emergency support. This new drone ambulance has been designed that could dramatically cut wait times and save lives.

Simpler, purpose specific drones are also being contemplated such as an emergency defibrillator drones as described at

Each year nearly a million people in Europe suffer from a cardiac arrest. A mere 8% survives due to slow response times of emergency services. The ambulance-drone is capable of saving lives with an integrated defibrillator. The goal is to improve existing emergency infrastructure with a network of drones. This new type of drones can go over 100 km/h and reaches its destination within 1 minute, which increases chance of survival from 8% to 80%! This drone folds up and becomes a toolbox for all kinds of emergency supplies. Future implementations will also serve other use cases such as drowning, diabetes, respiratory issues and traumas.

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