The New LinkedIn... Are You Leveraging It To Increase Your Sales?

Have you seen the new LinkedIn Interface yet? It’s not live on my account yet, but I have seen it on a few friends posts about the changes. The look and feel is more like the new mobile interface of the app. It’s simplified and has lost a little functionality, but overall it’s still LinkedIn!


I gave a presentation at Aurora University Sales Institute last week and it was packed. People are constantly wanting to learn how to use LinkedIn to prospect and increase sales.

In this podcast, I will cover the 5 C’s of using LinkedIn that I have found to be the most successful strategy for salespeople:

Connections Courtship Content Marketing Cohesiveness Contracts Learn how to leverage LinkedIn fo you and your business in this short and concise overview. I would love to hear your comments and leave a review on Itunes!

Listen to podcast at:

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