What is Ochen?

Ochen is a collaboration of collaborators sharing what’s awesome with the world. 

We created this website as a place where we could post the best ideas, information and the feeling of awe we have with the world. We’re collaborating as we go, adding contributors and finding ways to encourage others to share thoughts on the cool stuff we each see as we explore the world. 

We chose the word “ochen” because it sounds like awesome. It also means “very” and we liked how “very awesome” and “ochen ochen” can mean the same thing. There’s a rumor that the word was slang for awesome, though we’ve never heard it on the street. 

Until now

Join us. It just takes a click to start counting your shares, comments and referrals to get on our leaderboard and be eligible for prizes. You can share posts without being a member, but if you tell us who you are, we’ll show our appreciation whenever possible. 

You can contribute a post, and we’ll encourage other to share. The more you share ANY post, the more we’ll share yours. 

And please tell your friends. You get points when you do and they’ll love you for your ochen shares.. just like us.

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