Amazon Prime Air drone delivery system photos

We've been collecting photos of the Amazon delivery drones. Successful tested and deployed for trials, Amazon has said they won't be widespead until proven safe. 

In the meantime, here's a few shots. Link to more you know about in comments.

Put a Helipad in Your Garden

The first customers will be people with a defined delivery space. Might be a bit longer if your apartment is on the 17th floor

Faster than Fast

No reason to wait for a delivery driver. Your drone will go out as soon as the order is picked.

No More Delivery Windows

There may someday be a way to get a drone to fly in an open window. No reason to have a window on the clock.

Many Size and Shapes Being Tested

Besides the one we've seen online and in commercials, Amazon is testing several varieties of drones. Some were show at SXSW2017

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