Make your car a lockbox for deliveries, food, and more

You are carrying a lockbox around, wherever you drive.  Watch this video about a awesome new way to get the stuff you want, where you want it. I love how you can allow mobile access, without keys or expensive installation. Phrame has run successful pilot with, one of its partners for everyday item delivery […]

E-Commerce share of retail could be double the official reports

E-commerce sales may be twice as high as generally reported, according to a new calculation by Thomas Paulson, who runs Minneapolis-based Inflection Capital Management. Buzz: Rather than 9% of retail sales — as reported by the Fed and other sources — Paulson says Amazon and other e-commerce companies grabbed 21% of total U.S. retail sales last […]

“Chinese Apple” Xiaomi Aims to Exceed $14 Billion Sales

Xiaomi Corp., one of China’s most valuable technology startups, is shooting for more than 100 billion yuan ($14.5 billion) of revenue in 2017, even as it pledged to slow its pace of business expansion and overhaul an online-focused retail strategy. Chief Executive Lei Jun laid out his goals for the year, which include quadrupling its […]

The Robotic Grocery Store of the Future Is Here

We think we’re at the forefront of how people will buy groceries going forward Robotic Grocery Shopping When a customer orders groceries via Ocado’s website, large plastic crates are swiftly filled. The containers are packed by hand, but little legwork is required: 30 kilometers of conveyor belts at the Dorden warehouse carry empty boxes straight […]