I’m reading Evolved Enterprise – How to Re-think, Re-imagine, and Re-invent Your Business by Yanik Silver and just saw this quote. 
It’s so perfect for a concept I’ve been teaching for the last decade:

The Real Power Comes from Putting Others in the Spotlight

I work with influencers, entrepreneurs, and authors who want to make a difference in the world. They don’t mind getting well known but mostly want to take the stage (or the social media equivalent) not for the fame, it’s where they think it’s best to share. 
I’m good at getting them on that stage… though after working with hundreds of these people, I realized that helping them put others on the stage was even more effective.
We move from seeking the limelight to putting the limelight on others. The guy behind the spotlight gets to choose where to shine it. His boss can install multiple spotlights.
There’s more to this for another day. I’ve got to get back to this great book.

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