Bringing Your Drive to Life with Automatic and GoPro

Sharing your adventures has never been easier. With Automatic, you can show off your latest drive or even create a hyperlapse of a memorable trip with Dashboard Labs. But nothing tells a story better than video, and that’s why we’ve cooked up a new experiment with GoPro to bring your drives to life.

GoPro recently announced its developer program and Automatic was one of the companies it tapped for this first-of-a-kind integration. With a bit of work, sweat, tears, and the occasional anguished scream, we were able to combine GoPro’s glorious HD video with real-time car data pulled from Automatic.

By integrating Automatic with GoPro, we’re able to automatically begin or end recording when turning your car’s ignition on or off. Once you’ve completed your drive, the data you created is beautifully rendered in a series of gauges showing speed, RPMs, throttle and brake pressure, then overlaid on the video.

We’re still smoothing out the rough edges, and if all goes according to plan, we should have our GoPro integration ready for prime-time later this year. In the meantime, check out our demo video below. And get excited.

Automatic + GoPro from Automatic on Vimeo.

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