A few years back, I heard someone talk about our need to promote peace in the world and how we need more peace.

It suddenly struck me as odd… how we talk about the absence of war as something to seek more of. I would love to see less war and fighting, fewer squabble in the media and among my friends… I question how effective it is to see less when we know humans are programmed to seek gain over loss

Ever since that day, I have been watching for ways to quantify peace as a measurable positive goal. 

The best idea I’ve found is “inner peace”

Some say that this peace comes from quieting the stress and disruption we see in our lives. Again, we ask if peace can be found. 

I think yes. 

I’m working on words to better describe this peace. I think Bill Farr comes close. Watch this video and tell me if you can feel the peace he dscribes.

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