China is Working on a Timetable to Ban the Production and Sale of Non-Electric Cars

The Chinese government is working on a plan to halt the production and sale of cars powered by fossil fuels. Given that the country sees more cars bought and sold than any other, this could have a huge impact on the global electric auto industry. Deputy industry minister Xin Guobin stated that officials are working […]

Watch a giant robot spider and dragon fight in the streets of Canada

Rarely is the appearance of Godzilla-like beasts accompanied by applause instead of screams of terror, but over the past weekend, 750,000 people cheered on towering robotic monsters duking it out in downtown Ottawa. French street theatre company La Machine created the two mechanical marvels and designed the four-day public performance called “The Spirit of the […]

Scientists Have Discovered That There is Water Under the Moon’s Surface

New research from Brown University suggests that huge amounts of water may be found under the surface of the Moon. The presence of water in the Moon’s mantle could provide insight to how water got to Earth and help sustain future deep space missions. A “Wet” Mantle Scientists have long speculated about the presence of […]

MAKERS: A movement in the Making

What makes “making”€“the next generation of inventing and do-it-yourself€“worth paying attention to. “Making”€“the next generation of inventing and do-it-yourself€“is creeping into everyday discourse, with the emerging maker movement referenced in connection with topics ranging from the rebirth of manufacturing to job skills development to reconnecting with our roots. As maker communities spring up around the […]