5 ways 5G will improve your business

The following post is part of our technology of the future series  Read more about better network performance now Today’s mobile users want faster data speeds and more reliable service. The next generation of wireless networks—5G—promises to deliver that, and much more. With 5G, users should be able to download a high-definition film in under […]

5G open for business : Mobile World Congress

I’m so ansxious to see the world covered with 5g service. I think it’s going to facilitate the faster path to abundance for atl. Here’s an exciting announcement from the Mobile World Congress (#MWC18) that started today.  I’ll be sharing more on Twitter and here.  Ericsson President and CEO Börje Ekholm declared 5G open for […]

New “Ultrasound on a Chip” Tool Could Revolutionize Medical Imaging

Need an ultrasound? We got an app for that! Phone attachment and AI does the trick Jonathan Rothberg, a entrepreneur who prides himself on drastically disrupting the biomedical industry every so often, has typically big claims for his new product. The Butterfly iQ, a cheap handheld ultrasound tool with AI smarts tucked inside, will 1) […]

Juan Llanos Explains How DIgital Currency Will End Poverty

Digital currencies, based on blockchain are doing much more than the flashy bitcoin and ICO stories tell. Companies like Bazista will allow any one to trade anywhere, without the friction of currency conversions. Juan Llanos spoke at TEDxMidAtlantic about the high costs involved in doing business between African nations and internationally: Watch it now. About […]

IBM just announced a 50-qubit quantum computer

By Dom Galeon  In Brief Earlier today, IBM announced a 50-quantum bit (qubit) quantum computer, the largest in the industry so far. As revolutionary as this development is, IBM’s 50-qubit machine is still far from a universal quantum computer. Setting New Heights At the IEEE Industry Summit on the Future of Computing in Washington D.C. […]

Meet the Top 10 Startups Racing to Remake the Auto Industry

If you worked for a startup in the 1990s, chances were you were figuring out how to make money on the brand spankin’ new World Wide Web. Leap forward 10 years, and the typical startup was all about apps on your smartphone, to do everything from touching up selfies, to booking flights, to getting your laundry […]

Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize the supply chain

We are starting to see announcments about Blockchain in all sorts of business. Here’s another one. The difference this time is scope of supply chains. We know that every product combines mining, refining of raw materials, manufacturing of sub-assemblies, transportation, assembly and distribution.  The final product you receive may contain parts from a dozen countries […]