The price of getting married in China is skyrocketing. 

This guy spent the price of a house for a rock!

Instead of selecting a precious stone to mount on a ring, a man in far western China has proposed to his girlfriend by unveiling a 33-tonne “meteorite” placed in a public square, a news website reported.

The proposal on Tuesday in Urumqi, the capital city of the Xinjiang autonomous region, was successful and attracted a large crowd, according to

The report said the man bought the supposed space boulder for about 1 million yuan (US$144,645), which was originally meant to be a payment for a new flat.

A Weibo user poked fun at the couple and wrote: “One million yuan for a 33-tonne meteorite? What a bargain … You could cut it into small pieces and sell each for the price of a diamond … Girl, he’s a keeper!”

Another wrote: “Where are they going to put this rock at their home?” while another asked “are you not concerned about radiation?”

China has seen a number preposterous marriage proposals across the country in recent year. In 2015, a 24-year-old man in Xian proposed to his girlfriend by publically drawing an arrow and two hearts with lychees, while a university student asked his best friend to be his girlfriend by presenting her with 999 pomelos. Both offers were rejected.

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