When I saw that Aurora Gregory described herself as a lover of good cake, I have to find out more. 

And more that that, I learned that she has the reputation of getting people onstage. I know that makes a huge different for any author, thought leader and of course, speakers. 

Aurora Put it Well..

Public speaking is the fastest way to grow your career, build your business or move your message. Nothing beats networking from the stage where you are confirmed as an authority on your topic!

But in order to speak, you have to get picked. Over 15 years of experience in writing speaker proposals for some of the biggest names in business went into this book. You’ll learn everything David, my co-author, and I have done to achieve a 60% proposal acceptance rate for our clients. Don’t struggle with speaker proposals. Learn what to do to land gigs where you speak in front an audience filled with potential customers.

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