I admire life/psychology/behavior hackers. They’re ever-testing, always-growing and often are happy to prolifically share their findings. I’m all for optimizing life, so I often find myself reading posts from notable writers and experimenters like Benjamin hardy. In his recent Thrive Global post, Benjamin draws you in with a headline you just can’t help but click (30 Behaviors That Will Make You Unstoppable), and psychological analysis so convincing, you just might believe that you too, can become irrepressible. 

As he states, a select few are “unstoppable” are in their own world. 

It is compelling though, isn’t it? Just a few tweaks to your thinking and over time, your behavior will follow. “Owning” your life, and bucking mediocrity is a calling that many discuss, but few achieve. 

For a quick checklist on what these imitable behaviors are, I’ll curate Benjamin’s 30 traits below. For the full guide, complete with pithy quotes and real life examples, read his article at Thrive Global or on his website

1. Don’t think — know and act.

2. Always be prepared so you have the freedom to act on instinct.

3. Don’t be motivated by money or anything external.

4. Never be satisfied.

5. Always be in control.

6. Be true to yourself.

7. Never let off the pressure.

8. Don’t be afraid of the consequences of failure.

9. Don’t compete with others. Make them compete with you.

10. Never stop learning.

11. Success isn’t enough — it only increases the pressure.

12. Don’t get crushed by success.

13. Completely own it when you screw up.

14. Let your work speak for itself.

15. Always work on your mental strength. 

16. Confidence is your greatest asset.

17. Surround yourself with people who remind you of the future, not the past.

18. Let things go, but never forget.

19. Have clear goals.

20. Respond immediately, rather than analyzing or stalling.

21. Choose simplicity over complication.

22. Never be jealous or envious of someone else’s accomplishments.

23. Take the shot every time.

24. Don’t get caught up in the results of your success.Always remain focused on what got you those results: the work.

25. Think and act 10X.

26. Set goals that far exceed your current capabilities. 

27. Make time for recovery and rejuvenation.

28. Start before you’re ready.

29. If you need permission, you probably shouldn’t do it.

30. Don’t make exceptions.

Want more? Get Benjamin’s morning checklist for a better day. Ready. Set. Go! 

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