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Even on the brightest of days, we know that future days won’t all be wonderful. 

I’m an optimist. I expect serendipity and good fortune to come my way and that most of us will live in a better future, full of abundance. We will solve the world’s problems, capitalism will feed the world, rid us of pollution and prevent doomsday scenarios.

I am planning for great things.

One of the best ways to plan and see those better days is to stay realistic about thing that could go wrong and to do what is neccesary to reduce those threats right from where we sit. Before we can change the world, we best get out own houses in order. 

Here are some business strategies that will allow you to prosper during any disaster.

Avoiding disasters

You are best off if the disaster never happens. Why not plan to make sure there is less likelihood of it happening?


Any system, equipment or program is bound ot have an occasional failure but the likelihood of redundant systems failing simultaneously are far smaller. If you business depends on a system as mission-critical, make sure you have more than one. 

Start by asking yourself what the minimum viable equipment you need to stay up and running. Then duplicate that. 

And make sure you test the redunant systems.


The closest I ever came to loosing a business due to system failure was a server hard drive that we backed up every day. Don’t just make a back up, TEST your backups. 

Statistical analysis will like prove that you don’t need many backups. More likely that you need a rotating few, with rigorous testing. 

The hard drive failure taught me well. We did have paper copies of most everything back then, went through weeks of long, painful hours reconstructing what had been lost. We thought we had everything, but year laters, we were still talking about things that happened “before the crash”

Our crash was unnoticed by anyone other than our own business, but not soon forgotten. Nowadays, I keep everything backed up on cloud servers known for rigorous redundant backups, with a local copy that is automatically synced. Anything important is regularly backed up to another service and offsite copies. If I can’t find a file, it’s no longer due to it being corrupted. 

Strong Partnerships

I have a 37 year history of creating and protecting resources online. I owned a tech support company for nearly half of that time, and was able to help many set up hardware, software and network solutions. Plus my business is kept small today with contractors.

If you aren’t tech savy, or have more than a smidgen of online data and networking capability to maintain, I strongly suggest you look at solutions offered by professionals like new Frontier Total360 Business Continuity programs. 

Your future business may depend on it.

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