Leadership, Business and Finding Purpose in the Workplace.

Simon Sinek is the bestselling author of Start With Why and Leaders Eat Last, which have helped organizations around the world inspire their people to reach new heights.

Entrepreneurs can often times win, simply by lasting longer than their competitors. Didn’t we all write-off Lyft? Microsoft focuses on beating Apple, Apple plays the long game and tries to focus on making a difference and staying true to their core values. The game of pursuing your values never ends. Everyone will know what you stand for and others will want to be a part of it. They will believe in what you are doing. That is how we form real partnerships, clients and engaged users. Or summed up, “meaningful relationships.”

The difference between a goal and a vision. Knowing you will reach that goal, even though you can’t see it. That vision sees you through no matter what.

So you last and last, because in reality it is not about just achieving a goal. It is about infinite vision. 

Have you seen the Simon Sinek Millennials Interview?

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