Deal with the stress

Here’s a great roundup of idea for those with diabetes

Healthy diet

I met up with a friend who told me he had his diabetes totally under control. He takes pills and ignores what he eats.

This may work for a time but won’t cure anything. Pay attention to your diet. You know what that means!

Regular exercise

The best advice I ever got about diabetes reversal is a 4 letter word.


When something starts to hurt, or you can’t sleep from tingling, get up and walk around. Put the TV remote on the other side of the room. Take the stairs.

Sleep enough

You’re not a kid. Don’t whine about bed time. Sleep your way to better health.

Maintain your weight

There is a correlation between type 2 diabetes and weight. It’s not a simple cause/effect, but doing the right things in your diet and exercise will almost certainly help you loose a few pounds.

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