We are constantly running from place to place, working to accomplish everything on our never-ending “to-do” list. If you’re a person who is always on the go, convenience can be the biggest lifesaver and an added luxury or reprieve from daily stress. 

Switch Bot is a small, automated device (controlled via app on your Android or iPhone) that turns devices in your home and office on and off. Switch Bot will save you time. You’ll never have to worry about running home to turn the washing machine or dryer off, open the door for your children after school, or make your coffee in the morning. What’s better than having one less thing to do, being able to hit that snooze button on your alarm to get a few extra winks of sleep?



  How it works

1. Download the free app (from Apple App Store or Google Play).  


2. Attach Switch Bot to any appliance or light switch using 3M mounting tape. (Switch Bot can be removed without damaging the surface of any wall, counter or appliance) **Each Switch Bot includes two pieces of 3M tape with purchase. 

3. Configure your Bluetooth and WiFi.

4. Set preferences and times for your home and appliances.

5. Enjoy hands-free control in your home.


Installs in seconds

The comparison between installing Switch Bot and replacing with a new remote control switch.

  Fits all switches/buttons


Extended battery life  

Powered by a replaceable lithium battery with up to 2 years of use.

The old-fashioned way still works

Switch Bot resides at the side of a switch so you can still turn your switch manually as before. 

Open API

APIs will be released to let DIYers integrate Switch Bot to your own home automation system. Swich Bot and Link are friendly to Ardunio, Raspberry Pi and OpenWRT.

Switch Link & Wireless Connection  

Control the devices and appliance switches in your home wirelessly from anywhere, anytime through the app on your smartphone or smartwatch. Switch Link is the Bluetooth access point which connects Switch Bots to the Internet via WiFi. Switch Link will connect your devices to the app without draining batteries.

Mesh Network  

If you cannot connect to WiFi, Switch Bot can be controlled via Bluetooth. The Bluetooth Mesh Network connects each bot to one another, allowing you to control bots out of Bluetooth range.

If This Then That (IFTTT) Recipes

IFTTT allows users to create recipes which, in turn, create preferences for your home’s Switch Bots. For example: “If I walk into the hallway, then turn on the lights.” or “If my alarm clock rings, then brew coffee.” These recipes can be created in the Switch Bot app. Once made, Switch Bots will complete the task without any prompting.


Switch Bot is convenient, eco-friendly, family-friendly and provides added safety to your home.


– Turn lights on and off from the comfort of your bed  

– Make sure lights are off when you are not home to save electricity.  

– Set your Switch Bot to turn lights on when you are on vacation or to enter a lit house for those nights when you work late.  

– Disabled, elderly people and children can control appliances and switches on and off with ease. The easy plug and play installation enables unparalleled remote control of every household appliance.

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